Anonymous asked: Your blog <3

Aww :3 Thank you! 

Friday Nov @ 12:42am

Anonymous asked: god dammit, stop having a perfect blog asdglhkl;l

Dawwww ^___^

Saturday Nov @ 09:16pm

Anonymous asked: That picture of that bruised girl is fake. She's wearing makeup.

I suppose I believe you, but you know this how?

Sunday Nov @ 10:15pm

waitingfordelight asked: How do you blog my life?

Hehehe :3

Sunday Nov @ 10:15pm

Anonymous asked: Why you haz no violin for your blog pics?


Thursday Oct @ 09:57pm

Anonymous asked: Would you ever be with someone who was transgendered? Like someone who was born a girl but identifies as a guy and dresses as one/looks like one?

Yes. Absolutely. 

Friday Sep @ 12:08am

au-bu-rn asked: i know its random but i just have to say i love how you are always posting halloween pictures on your blog, all the halloween-ness on my dash makes me so happy c:

Aw yay I’m so glad!! Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year other than Christmas!! I love to post halloween stuff year round :3 

Tuesday Sep @ 10:59pm

thekaycarlsson asked: Psh I think your background's awesome

Aw thank you! ^.^

Tuesday Sep @ 12:40am

Anonymous asked: your background is terrible

Luckily no one asked you :)

Monday Sep @ 11:30pm

voicesofmisery asked: I love your blog! :)

Thank you!!! ^.^

Monday Sep @ 06:14pm

Anonymous asked: ugly blog

Lol I don’t care.


Monday Sep @ 06:13pm

wave-on-seashell asked: you're beautiful, I'll gave anything to have a body like yours =/ And I love your tumblr, you must have noticed that I reblog too much ;D

:’) aw thank you ^_^ And keep reblogging!! :3

Monday Sep @ 06:11pm

Anonymous asked: not to sound totally lame but whats hovering over a text post?

You just put your mouse over the post and if it’s one of the hovering ones words will appear 


Sunday Aug @ 02:13am

lajoiedespetiteschoses asked: you have such a lovely blog! <3

Aw thank you so much! <3 

Saturday Aug @ 01:02pm

Anonymous asked: Oh my god. It isn't the CHAIN. It's the CEO. A human is entitled to his own opinion, so stop being so ignorant.

Lol, me ignorant? Okay. 

The CEO represents the CHAIN dumbass. What he says and does reflects on his company. So if I don’t agree with what HE says, I don’t have to support HIS company. There are tons of other companies whose CEO’s weren’t stupid enough to publicly take a stance on an issue like this. Pretty simple. 

Friday Aug @ 04:19pm

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